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Water Testing Kits:
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Water Test Kits

Water Test Kits
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One Flush Septic
 Water Test Strips:
Inexpensive & Fast
PH Test Kits Hardness
Nitrate-Nitrite Iron
Chlorine Copper

2 test strips per foil packet

  Multi Element 
  Testing Kits:

 Multi-Function Kits
 Test multiple elements
  in 1 kit
8 Tests 13 Tests

 School Experiments:
Science Projects
Science Fair Projects
Science Fair Ideas 

Science Fair Project Kit for 1 student
Science Project Kit for 5 students


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Auto-Ship Program

Description: As a convenience to you, we offer an auto-ship program for filters, lamps and products that must be changed or replaced periodically.

When it is time for you to order new replacement items, we do the work for you! We will send out the replacements required, using the shipping and billing information you provided us at the time of the original order. You may cancel this option at any time by simply emailing us.

Convenience and delivery right to your door at no extra cost to you! No annoying reminders or trying to remember to order the replacements items at the right time. Just click on the
Add To Cart button to add to your order.

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