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Water Testing Kits:
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Water Test Kits

Water Test Kits
Multi-Function Kits
PH Test Kits
Nitrate-Nitrite Testing
Pesticide Testing
Bacteria Testing
Chlorine Testing
Lead Testing Kits
Copper Testing Kits
 Testing Kits For:

Drug Test Kits
Alcohol Test Kits
Mold Test Kits
Carbon Monoxide Tests
Lead Testing Kits

One Flush Septic
 Water Test Strips:
Inexpensive & Fast
PH Test Kits Hardness
Nitrate-Nitrite Iron
Chlorine Copper

2 test strips per foil packet

  Multi Element 
  Testing Kits:

 Multi-Function Kits
 Test multiple elements
  in 1 kit
8 Tests 13 Tests

 School Experiments:
Science Projects
Science Fair Projects
Science Fair Ideas 

Science Fair Project Kit for 1 student
Science Project Kit for 5 students


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"We received the kits and my son performed all the tests last night. We will have the results tomorrow evening and in plenty of time for the Regional Science Fair which is on Saturday. Thank you so much for all of your help!!"
M.L. Walkerton, IN


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