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Product ID: PTS-PT301CHL   
Category: Testing Kits - Test Kits

Chlorine Foil Packet Test Strips

Description: Chlorine Double Strip Packet - 2 strips per foil packet.

Chlorine is a poison that is very effective in killing bacteria, and from that standpoint, it helps provide millions of Americans with bacteriologically safe water. However, chlorine will not kill cyptosporidium cysts, and therefore does not guarantee micobiologically safe water.

In addition, chlorination by-products, trihalomethanes, have been linked to cancer, and therefore consuming chlorinated water may create long-term health risks. Chlorine also produces an objectionable taste and odor which discourages many people from drinking the recommended daily amount of water.

Dechlorination via activated carbon will remove trihalomethanes and eliminate normal taste and odor problems associated with chlorinated water. Follow directions on package for testing.

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