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Lead In Water Test Kit Professional Quality at Home


The Professional Lead In Water Test Kit

The U.S.  EPA estimates more than 40,000 citizens use water that contains harmful levels of lead. Most municipal plants do test for lead, but lead contamination is most likely to come from the distribution network or even our home's plumbing system. Older homes often have lead in the pipes.  Lead in pipes was banned from new home construction in 1987.  Newer homes often have lead in the soldered pipe fittings.  Lead was not banned from plumbing fixtures in the U.S. until 1996.


Lead contaminated water from lead pipes and fixtures contributes to lead poisoning in over 40 million homes. Every time you drink from the faucet, cook with tap water, or brush your teeth, you may be at risk.

Treating for lead contamination is critical since lead poisoning can present serious health risks such as gastrointestinal disorders, paralysis, brain and spinal cord damage, especially in children. For pregnant women, lead contamination can result in miscarriage.

This kit offers you an accurate analysis to EPA proficiency standards. Just simply fill the vial with water, and send it to the certified laboratory with the pre-paid postage envelope included in your kit. You will receive a professionally documented lab report revealing the amount of lead in your water to as little as 1 ppb. (parts per billion).
(EPA Standard is 15 ppb.)

Initial testing should be done every 6 months, then every two years. It is critical to check the primary faucet used for drinking and cooking water, usually the kitchen tap.  It's best to check every faucet. 

Each kit provides everything you  need to will check water from one tap. If this is your first time testing and you have multiple taps in your home, you will need to order enough kits to match the number of taps in your home.

$20 lab fee required for analysis.

1 test kit contains 1 test tube, mailing envelope, and information sheet.

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