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Consider Using A Lead Test Kit In Your Home

Why is using a lead test kit important to your family's health? Read below.

Lead is very poisonous to human beings. Even tiny amounts of it in our blood, measured in millionths of grams (micrograms) can harm our health. 
Children absorb more lead than adults and are at higher health risk. More than 1,000,000 American children may have blood lead levels needing medical attention, and more than one million children may be somewhat mentally or emotionally impaired by lead exposure. 

View the complete selection of Lead test kit options here

Acute lead poisoning is less common now than before lead's toxicity was known. Nevertheless, with higher environmental lead levels, subtle health effects from small doses are being detected. Children risk premature birth, smaller stature, and lower mental development, and adult men may have higher blood pressure. 

Airborne lead concentrations in American cities are tens of thousands of times higher than before lead mining began. 

The good new is that there are definitely things each of us can do to reduce our own exposure to lead. 

Lead is practically everywhere in today's environment. It enters our bodies from many sources including defective glazes (pottery), drinking water, contaminated soil, airborne particulate, leaded gasoline, paint and several other sources. Symptoms of lead poisoning are stomach pains, constipation, diarrhea, aggressiveness, anxiousness, hyperactivity, muscle pain, weakness, weight loss, learning disabilities, convulsions and eventual death with chronic lead poisoning! Lead poisoning victims usually become anemic. This symptoms usually persist for about 2 weeks from time of exposure, then settle into the organs, bones & even hair! We still do not know the long term effects of lead exposure! 
These symptoms are sometimes overlooked by doctors and are not properly diagnosed as lead poisoning, since they are vague. 

Our children are at greatest risk as their immune systems are still in the developmental stages!


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