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Do You Need A pH Test Kit In Your Home?

Quality dehumidifiers, tankless water heaters, pH test kit options and water softeners, delivered right to your door!

Acidity and alkaline levels in water are measured in pH (Positive Hydrogen) units and total alkalinity is ppm (parts per million). A pH scale of 0-14 indicates whether water is acid or alkaline. A pH of 7 is neutral and ideal. An acid level of 6.8 or lower will cause corrosion of both copper (blue-green staining) and galvanized plumbing, which can lead to serious damage to plumbing line and equipment, especially water heaters. 

See the large variety of ways to test for pH

High alkaline levels (above 1880 ppm or pH 10) may cause dry skin conditions, and/or objectionable taste. For either acidic or alkaline water treatment, a professional should be consulted for detailed testing and sizing of the equipment needed to solve a particular problem.

While the pH of water is not often discussed or certainly not mentioned in the nightly weather section of the news, pH is an important measurement of water and an important factor in our day to day lives. The impact occurs in nature and in commercial uses of water. The U.S. Geological Survey thinks enough about it that they take a pH measurement whenever water is studied. Not only does the pH of a stream affect organisms living in the water, a changing pH in a stream can be an indicator of increasing pollution or some other environmental factor. That is in nature. Water pH is just as important in non-natural usages of water. It should be a part of every testing procedure for commercially used water as wells.

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