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Bacteria Testing Kits Comparison
    Bacteria Testing - Bacteria Tests

Learn more about Bacteria in water

 Bacteria Growth Level
For monitoring and early indication of a bacteria problem. Less expensive per test.

Shows fastidious growth of total micro-organisms - determines aerobic bacteria growth level in 48 hours 
(includes 30 test strips)
ITS481195      More Information...


18 Minute Bacteria Detection
If your test strip shows a positive result, your water sample may contain specific harmful bacteria levels that are dangerous to your health. Faster, less expensive.

Detects E.coli, species of Salmonella, Shigella, Enterobacter, Klebsiella and many other coliform and non-coliform bacteria, but does not identify the type of bacteria kit.  
(includes 2 test strips)  
ITS487999      More Information...


48 hour Bacteria Test
Positive results mean you should contact your local health department for instructions.

Detects unhealthy levels of coliform bacteria, positive or negative results from included vial.
(includes 1 test) 
PTT201B       More Information...


Bacteria in Water
If you know you have a bacteria problem, this test will tell you the next step to take.

Coliform and e.coli bacteria test allows the counting of colonies in a petri dish, (with growing media) but requires optional professional lab testing to identify the type of bacteria if desired, ($30 lab fee.)

- However, for student projects, the growing media in the petri dish can be divided up to be used for multiple samples to save money and the student can try to identify the types of bacteria under a microscope for themselves. 
(includes 1 test dish) 

Check for Bacteria and Other Harmful Elements in Water -
Inexpensive way to get accurate results on bacteria, nitrates, nitrites, & ammonia levels in your drinking water.

Get reliable results in 48 hours.
ITS481198       More Information...


Most Complete Water Test Kit
With this kit you will be able to check your for 13 harmful elements in your water including bacteria. Have peace of mind knowing that you and your family have the safest water possible.

Kit will test for bacteria, sulfate, iron, copper, chloride and 8 other elements.
ITS481199      More Information...


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11 in 1 Water Testing Kits - Complete Package
Home Water Analysis Kit is ideal for new homeowners, and is economical for anyone who has not tested their home water recently. Clear directions, easy methods, and top quality non-toxic test ingredients assure you of reliable test results.Free Shipping!
Price: $39.99


13 in 1 Complete Home Water Test Kit
Complete Home Water Test Kit gives the user rapid, comprehensive results that help to ensure safe drinking water without sacrificing cost.Free Shipping!
Price: $29.99


8 in 1 Test Kit plus Iron & Hardness
Iron Hardness Water Test Kits - allows you to test for both iron contamination and water hardness. The PLUS in this popular kit are tests for 6 more water problems: 8 different tests in one kit. Free Shipping!
Price: $18.84


Bacteria 18 Minute Test Kit
QuickTM Bacteria Test can provide reliable on site results in 18 minutes, which can be used for pools, spas, drinking water, lakes, rivers and streams. Free Shipping!
Price: $19.99


Bacteria 48 Hour Check Kit
Is Your Water Safe from BACTERIA? Bacteria Check is the first drinking water quality test kit to test for the 4 major concerns in water: Bacteria, Nitrates, Nitrites, & Ammonia. Free Shipping!
Price: $13.95


Bacteria Growth Check Kit
Bacteria Growth Check is ideal for spot checks when bacteria presence is suspected. Free Shipping!
Price: $32.99


Bacteria In Water Test Kit Professional Quality at Home
Bacterial contamination causes severe digestive problems, fever, nausea, diarrhea and sometimes even death. According to the EPA, testing is recommended twice a year. Free Shipping! 
Price: $14.83


Bacteria plus Nitrate, Nitrite Water Test Kit
Bacteria, Nitrate, Nitrite Water Test Kit - PurTestŪ BACTERIA, NITRATE, NITRITE test kits is laboratory certified to accurately detect the presence of coliform bacteria, including E. coli. Free Shipping!
Price: $16.95


Complete Home Water Analysis - 11 tests
Home water test kit that tests for 11 elements in your water. Free Shipping!
Price: $39.99


Chlorine Foil Packet Test Strips
Chlorine Double Strip Packet - 2 strips per foil packet. Free Shipping! 
Price: $1.86



Bacteria Testing Kits - Bacteria Tests

Test the water in your home for bacteria. What you don't know could hurt you.

   Learn more about Bacteria in water




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